Color: O20

A cushion foundation inspired by the radiance of a diamond deeply moisturizes for an instantly dewy finish with buildable coverage and glow.
Once applied, improves the radiance of the skin while imbuing it with all-day moisture.

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  • A hybrid of makeup and skincare, exclusive Light-Empowering Enhancer amplifies your radiant finish.
  • Formulated with Skin-Empowering Illuminator, our exclusive skincare ingredient.
  • Incorporates Dewy-Rich Hydrating Formula, infused with a highly concentrated moisturizing ingredient. With Glow Control Technology, creates light buildable layers that ensure optimal coverage and the desired level of gorgeous dewy glow.
  • Contains Bulgarian Rose Moisturizing Complex for a moisturizing effect.
  • Formulated with Lasting Control Function to resist dullness, shine from excess sebum, and makeup-creasing, and retain a beautiful long-lasting finish.
  • Contains Chestnut Rosa Fruit Extract with an anti-oxidation property.


  • Glides on with a fresh, hydrating, essence-like texture that moisturizes the skin throughout the day.
  • Applies easily to even the smallest, most intricate areas of the face with a precision-fit makeup puff.
  • Formulated with a fragrance of natural rose oil that inspires feelings of elegance.



    • Instantly creates a gorgeous dewy radiance, imbuing the skin with moisture, while minimizing skin imperfections.
    • Recharges the glow and restores moisture with every touch-up.
    • Provides 16H* radiant wear without shine, and resists dulling.
    • Defies makeup-creasing and fading under a face mask and retains a beautiful long-lasting finish.
    • Imbues the skin with moisture for 24H**, for deeply moisturizing effects.
    • Keeps skin feeling fresh and moisturized even after makeup is removed.
    • After 2 weeks’ use***, improves dryness and radiance of the skin.
    • Supports the skin’s inherent potential to defend itself from skin damage which can be caused by environmental factors, such as arid air and/or UV, blue light and infrared rays.
    1. * Clinically tested on 30 women.
    2. ** Clinically tested on 25 women.
    3. *** Clinically tested on 33 women.



        * Some of the ingredients listed may be inconsistent with the actual ingredients used due to product improvements or changes in indication method. Please read the product label for the actual ingredients.

        HOW TO USE

        • Apply following skincare or the application of a pre-makeup base.
        • Lightly press the puff onto the foundation surface two or three times to allow sufficient foundation to adhere.
        • Gently pat the puff onto the skin, beginning at the center of the cheek and moving to other areas until application is completed on one half of the face. Apply in the same manner to the other side of the face. With the upper curve of the puff, blend foundation over the eye area, along lower contours of the nose, and other areas requiring precise application.
        • For areas requiring greater coverage or glow, pick up a small amount of foundation with the puff and lightly apply additional layers as needed, using a gentle patting motion.
        • Use of a Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Portable Brush**** or Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ The Sponge**** is recommended to enhance the application of foundation and achieve a more beautiful finish.
        • After the foundation is depleted, replace with Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Radiant Cushion Foundation Dewy (Refill) ****.
        • ****sold separately

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