Color: N2


The ultimate 'set-and-perfect' luxurious face powder provides an unparalleled luminious finish, providing extended makeup wear and the appearance of a flawlessly even skin tone.


CREATES A LUMINOUS FINISH Creates a refined, translucent, luminous finish that harmonizes with your natural complexion. PREVENTS DRYNESS All day beautiful finish without a feeling of dryness. LASTS ALL DAY 24 hour long lasting without shine, creases and dullness. COVERS & IMPROVES Instantly dinimishes the look of pores, fine lines and dullness.


1. On a flat surface, tap gently to sift the powder back through the mesh to prevent powder leakage. Do not shake sideways. *If powder collects on or in the inner mesh, place the open case on a flat surface and tap gently to return the excess back into the container. Do not shake sideways. 2. Lift a desired amount of powder onto puff and gently pat onto face. *Do not press the inner mesh too hard with the puff, as it may cause the powder to scatter. 3. After use, place the inner lid on top of the inner mesh. Set the puff on top and close tightly before storing. How to Use
1. Apply following skincare or the application of pre-makeup base.
2. Lift a desired amount of powder onto puff and gently pat onto face. This exceptional loose powder can be applied over foundation as a finishing powder or a pre-makeup base to give skin a look of eveness and enhanced luminosity. 3. Use of Clé de Peau Beauté Powder Brush is recommended to adjust the amount of powder effortlessly and achieve a more natural-looking, beautiful finish.

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